About Us


What is BIM?

Beverly Center, Los Angeles, CA

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a developing technology and a new way of working. It provides a single common source of information that can be used by multiple stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of a building. BIM encourages integration of data from various parties enabling project visualisation and informed decision making promoting sustainable design, construction and management.

To date BIM has focused on new build, but there is a growing need for BIM of existing buildings as more are being re-used and renovated. BIM models of existing buildings have proven to be greatly beneficial at the design stage allowing better prediction of conflicts between building elements and other potential unforeseen problems reducing expensive errors during the construction phase. BIM has far reaching benefits throughout the lifecycle of a building. It has the tools to evaluate and analyse the management and operation of buildings making it a prime facilities management tool.

A critical component of a valuable BIM of an existing building is good quality, accurate survey data. Our surveying and 3D modelling skills have enabled us to move seamlessly to provide geometrically accurate survey models in Revit. Our team has both the surveying and architectural knowledge to create useful and usable models. A critical part of BIM is collaboration and we work closely with our clients to provide a model that suits their needs and remains usable further along the project lifecycle. There are various BIM software packages on the market. We use Autodesk Revit because it is the preferred software for most of our clients.

What We Provide

Ford Theatre, Hollywood, CA

Our expertise is in modeling existing buildings in a BIM platform - survey to BIM and scan to BIM. We provide geometrically accurate ‘BIM ready’ Revit models.

Accurate measured surveys have long been recognised as an important part of the renovation and redesign process and there has been an increase in demand for surveys in a BIM compatible format. Although as Geomatics Surveyors we are limited to providing a measured survey of the visible exposed structure and architectural detail, the geometrically accurate ‘BIM ready’ model generated provides a fundamental base level of data for other stakeholders to add their specific information to (the ‘I’ in BIM). The survey model can be considered the project foundation, providing a geometrically accurate base model for the team to design, manage and co-ordinate all stages of the project.

BIM is a collaborative process. We understand that a clear and unambiguous specification is key to a successful project. We understand the importance of good communication with the client from the beginning and work with the project team to provide a clear specification that meets the needs of all within the project budget. Our team are always available to discuss the project at any stage of the process.